Alpine Hydromet

Hydrometeorological monitoring of snow-covered regions

CRD Cosmic Ray Detector

The CRD measures the total water content of the snow regardless of changing snow dynamics or formation ice layers, providing a considerable advantage over the legacy snow pillows. The CRD passively measures specific naturally occurring incoming cosmic rays that give a direct measurement of the total water regardless of phase.

FSP5 Fluidless Snow Pillow

The FSP employs the same weighing-based principle to monitor snow water equivalent but improves the durability of the sensor by incorporating load cells to make a fluidless design. The FSP was designed to be easy to pack in, install, and maintain. The fluidless and modular design simplifies the transportation and installation process.

HRIT GOES Communication

High-Rate Information Transmission (HRIT) offers a complete solution for GOES Data Collection System (DCS) data retrieval and dissemination. HRIT works by receiving data directly from GOES Satellite, providing dedicated high-reliability bandwidth without the use of the internet and no reoccurring fees.


Alpine Hydromet has worked closely with the snow hydrology community to develop snow sensors that better suit the needs of their monitoring environment.


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